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July 3, 2021
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July 3, 2021

It is obvious that AirPods made a big deal in the tech market. Since their first appearance in 2016, Apple AirPods have made four more generations after the first one was launched.

A lot of people switched from regular headphones to these little handy earbuds. They have become very popular for a reason, due to their convenience and practicalness as well. They come with an AirPods case that is also a charging case which makes it as efficient as it could be.

One of the best discoveries that the Apple Store has made and maybe one of the favorite Apple devices in the market today is AirPods.

But, like any other electronic device, the AirPods have some flaws that appear to be a problem for many users.

One of the common complaints that the Apple Store has received, is that one AirPod is not charging. Many users have reported this issue, hoping to find the reason why this has happened.

The problem refers to when you put your AirPods inside the charging case, the right earbud would charge and the left one wouldn’t, or reverse. So the problem is either with the AirPods charging case or earbud, anyhow, it will not charge correctly.

Even though Apple is one of the world-known and best-selling brands, they had some issues with AirPods.

In this article, we will show all the possible solutions and explain all the necessary steps you can take to fix your AirPods charging issue.

On the Charging Case Look Out for Status Light

What’s so great about these earbuds it’s that the AirPods case is the charging case at the same time.

The charging case is very small, very practical and you can carry it around anywhere you go.

This means that if your earbuds run low on the battery, just put them inside your carrying case, and they will charge.

Of course, the charging case should be previously charged with the appropriate charging port.

NOTE THIS! Do not use a third-party charging cable! This will not help you with charging your earbuds, and even so, it might do harm to the charging case!

This wireless charging case should indicate to you if your AirPods are charging. How?

When you put AirPods inside the charging case, a small status light should show up.

If your earbuds are fully charged, the status light should show a green color.

If the light is not green, but instead it’s an amber light, it means that there is a problem with the charging process.

When your Apple AirPods are inside the wireless charging case and the status light is orange, it means that the earbuds are not fully charged.

Check the Charging Cable

As we mentioned in the previous method, the charging cable is very important. So before you check if anything is wrong with your earbuds, check your charging cable first.

The best thing to have for your charging case is an iPhone or iPad charger. It’s very important to use an authentic charger, both for a power adapter and charging cable.

This is actually a recommendation from the Apple Store itself.

If you own a new charger, try that one and see if it helps. But don’t use a socket for charging, try to connect your AirPods charging case with your iPhone or iPad if you own one, and check if the status light will appear green after some time.

If the AirPods or only one AirPod is not charging, maybe the power adapter or charging cable is damaged.

You should carefully examine the charger.

Check if there are no damages nor scratches on both USB pins and the lightning connector.

You can test this by borrowing a charger from your friends or family members to try to locate the problem. Use a different power adapter and the same cable and reverse to test their functionality. This way, you can find out which one causes the charging issues and replace the needed parts.

Don’t worry, it’s very simple. You can find all the essential parts in the nearest Apple Store.

PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: Your AirPods should be placed on the right way inside the charging case. When you make sure they have been put in correctly, close the lid of the case. This is very important because if the earbuds are not accurately in contact with charging points, they will not charge at all.

If you own AirPods Pro or some other AirPods with the wireless charging option, you should do this:

To charge your earbuds wirelessly, put them inside the AirPods charging case. The charging case should be placed on the wireless charging pad on the side where the status light is located.

Display Charging Icon

Every time you charge your earbuds, make sure that there’s a charging icon on your other iOS device.

Put your AirPods inside the charging case and keep the lid open. Assure that your other Apple device is near the charging case.

Next to the battery icon, after a few seconds, the charging icon should appear.

In this process, make sure that your AirPods are connected to the power source.

If the charging icon is not shown on your screen, it means the earbuds are not charging at all.

Follow the steps below to try to fix it:

  1. On your Apple device, find the Settings and click on the Bluetooth button
  2. Next to your AirPods, there should be an “i” icon, click on it
  3. Go on Forget this device and then confirm it
  4. Make sure that both of your earbuds are placed in the closed charging case correctly and the case is also charged
  5. Let about 30 seconds to pass, and open the lid of the case
  6. Near the bottom of the charging case, you should locate a little button in the back
  7. Press and hold the Setup button for approximately 15 seconds until you can see the amber and white light alternate. Indicating that the AirPods have reset. This refers to first-generation AirPods aka non-wireless
  8. If you are using some other generation of earbuds, like AirPods Pro with wireless charging, locate the light on the front of the charging case
  9. Close the lid once again to finish the process
  10. Now open up the lid again and start the pairing process
  11. Keep your AirPods close to your iPhone or iPad. On the screen of your Apple device, there should appear a setup animation
  12. The only thing you have to do is to connect earbuds with your device with a few steps left

We know that this is the process for connecting the AirPods with your device, but it may help with charging issues as well.

It’s not costing you anything to try.

Make Sure the Charging Ports and Contact Points are Clean

As we mentioned in our previous articles, it is very important to maintain the hygiene of your headphones. Either if they are wireless or not.

Actually, many users forget that they have to keep maintaining their earbuds or it will cause some charging problems.

After a certain period of usage, the earbuds may get some debris.

If enough dust and dirt rack up upon the charging contacts, it will interfere with the regular charging process. This means that you have to clean up your AirPods.

When you decide to take this step, be gentle and don’t use any sharp objects, like needles or rough clothes.

The charging ports are very delicate, so you have to be careful when cleaning them.

Don’t use water or any other kind of liquid to clean your AirPod Pro or any other earbuds.

It is recommended to use a soft toothbrush and a microfiber piece of cloth.

The brush will help you clean the case charging port and the hard-to-reach parts of it. Clean both external and internal charging contact slowly and gently, taking care not to damage anything.

Take a Q-tip and clean the inside speakers and microphones, and by using a soft and dry piece of cloth, you will wipe all the unwanted debris and dirt.

This method will help you with any charging issues that you have related to not cleaning your AirPods.

Keep Neat the Interior Contacts of the AirPods Case

When maintaining the AirPods, as stated above, don’t forget to clear Interior contacts of the AirPods Pro case.

For cleaning the interior contacts, we recommend you use a lint-free cloth and 70% isopropyl alcohol for cleansing the AirPod charging case.

When you are doing this, be careful not to get any liquid inside the charging port.

Assure that the ends of AirPods are completely clean, with no dirt whatsoever.

For the contact point, take a previously used soft brush and gently clean it inside.

When you finish cleansing, put it in the case to charge your AirPods. After a few minutes, check if the charging icon is still there on your device, next to the battery life icon.

This method has proven to be very efficient and would fix charging problems in the blink of an eye.

Reboot AirPods and Check to Charge

After trying all the methods above, and your AirPod or AirPods is still not charging, try to reset AirPods.

This way of solving the problems with charging has been shown to be very successful.

Locate the button on the back of the AirPods case. When you find it, press it and hold it for a few seconds. Keep holding the setup button until the status light flashes alternating white and amber.

Unfortunately, sometimes the only light that is shown on the charging case is white. This means that when you are holding the reset button, the status light will keep showing the white blinking color, without any indication of amber light.

In this situation, finishing the reset process is not feasible.

In that case, follow the given steps:

  1. Before we start this process, make sure you know your WiFi credentials
  2. On your smartphone, open the Settings app and go to the General option
  3. Locate the Reset button and click it and then choose Reset Network Settings
  4. Wait for the Reset Network to finish and unpair your earbuds by going on Bluetooth settings and tap Forget
  5. Use the Reset operation on the charging case
  6. If all these steps didn’t help, find contact’s information at the bottom of your earbuds
  7. Clean the contact points and the charge contacts on the AirPod
  8. After finishing the cleaning, put them into the charging case
  9. Finally, try to reset the AirPods, resulting in the amber light on the case, and fix the charging issue

If you went through every method and none of them has helped you with the AirPods charge issue, you should contact Apple Store and seek out help.

Look out for professional staff to help you out. When contacting Apple support, make sure to tell them everything you tried to fix the charging issue, and they will provide you with adequate advice and service.

They will repair AirPods and give you all the necessary replacement information, whether you have the AirPods Pro or any other AirPods generation.

So if you still have a problem charging your AirPods, feel free to get in contact with Apple people.

Even though you tried everything to fix the problem, the issue still exists.

Overall, maybe the problem is not fixable by you. Maybe the issue is related to some hardware damage. That’s when professional support will come in handy and find out.

Even so, the problem might happen during the transfer process, or maybe there are some complications with that AirPods series.

Your AirPods have a warranty, and if the subject under that warranty, you will probably be given a new set of units.


Before you decide to call Apple support, make sure that you try all the given methods to fix them.

If any of the solutions helped, we are happy to hear that!

These are very basic and popular procedures among users, and they are proven to be very efficient.

This refers to when you have problems with charging the right AirPod or the left AirPod or both AirPods at the same time.

Always check the simple steps before you put them inside the AirPods case.

  • The AirPods batteries case should be charged
  • The earbuds are placed correctly
  • You take good care of them and clean them from time to time
  • Always use charging devices from Apple products
  • Apple’s charging cable and power adapter must not be damaged
  • Your other Apple devices and AirPods are well connected

All of these steps are very useful, and it is very common that after trying them, the AirPods are successfully charged and working fine.

If not, seek out professional help from Apple support.


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