How to play music through speakers while using headphones

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August 10, 2019
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August 10, 2019

How to play music through speakers while using headphones?

 It is an era of tech personalisation and headphones are one of the most revolutionary products giving you the freedom to listen as you wish. What if a situation arises when your brother also wants to join you but prefers sound from speaker and you want to continue enjoying the headphone music.  Don’t worry it is possible to do so. Your quest seeking answer to how to play music through speakers while using headphones will get answered in simple steps here.


You are right, earlier it wasn’t possible to do so. Now it is possible to get sound output to two sources at a time using Windows. Interestingly, you don’t need any new program to do so. Here are simple methods explain how to play music through speakers while using headphones.


First Method:


Follow these simple steps and get the desired results. However make sure that headphone is connected to your PC and speakers are in active state.


  • Go to your task bar, right-click the volume icon and then select ‘Sound’. This opens the dialogue box.
  • Here you will find ‘Playback’ tab. All you have to do is right-click the speaker and set it as default device. You will see that the default device either missing or greyed out. If this is the case it means that the speaker is the default device.
  • Now, click ‘Recording’ tab and then right click at empty space give the ‘Show disabled devices’ command.
  • You have to right click ‘Stereo Mix’ and enable the device.
  • Now go to properties by clicking and select the ‘Listen’ tab and mark the checkbox of ‘Listen to this device’.
  • Here you go, choose your headphone from the drop down list and apply.

To your satisfaction, run the test and enjoy the blast. If problem persists, check whether speaker is set as default device and not as a communication device.


Second Method:


One of the quickest ways to resolve the problem is to re-install the IDT audio driver. This will rectify any issue related to mis-configuration. Follow these simple steps;

  • Go to device manager and click on ‘Sound, video & game controllers’ option.
  • Now right click on ‘Realtek IDT High Definition Audio’.
  • Simply click ‘install’ and then OK.

Just restart your computer and Windows will re-assemble the driver from the files.


Third Method:


Another quick and easy way to solve the problem is to install fresh file of the IDT audio driver.

You can get it from the support page of the device. If your audio driver files are corrupt then this will fix the problem. Be careful about operating system while downloading fresh file.


These are simple methods will helps you get the answer for your how to play music through speakers while using headphones query. You are totally ready to enjoy the music blast on your headphone and your brother through speaker.

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