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If you are a music lover, you will know the importance of having a good quality pair of earphones or headphones. Comfort is an important factor whenever we listen to music, and wireless earbuds do a fantastic job in this field. Since there are no attached wires, you can move around freely. We compared several wireless earbuds, and the Samsung Gear IconX managed to catch our attention.

There are no doubts about the fact that Samsung is one of the most reliable brands in today’s world, so we decided to review this unit. In this Samsung Gear IconX review, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the product. It comes with several amazing features and has a lot to offer in different fields. Let’s hop into the review section and find out whether it is worth the investment or not.

Samsung Gear IconX Review

This model has made a name for itself in the market, and it has also managed to impress customers with its impressive performance and quality. If you want to have a true wireless experience, these earbuds are a good option to go with. When it comes to performance, the Gear IconX can compete with any other unit in the price range.

It is made of premium quality material, and it is perfect for people who like to work out in the gym. It is unlikely to get damaged easily, and it does well against sweat as well. In the next section of this Samsung Gear IconX review, we are going to discuss why you should invest in these earbuds.

Reasons to Buy Samsung Gear IconX

1. Completely cord-free

There are no doubts about the fact that wired headphones offer quality, but they don’t offer complete freedom of movement. You will need to keep your smartphone in your pocket all the time, which can be an issue. It can make things even more difficult while working out as you won’t be able to move freely. Well, this unit offers a true wireless experience as there are no wires in sight.

Nothing will come in your way during your workout sessions, which will help you focus on what you are doing. Moreover, you can enjoy hands-free calling while using these earbuds, which means you can go on for hours without getting tired. Lastly, you can move to different rooms in your apartment without having to carry your smartphone.

2. Impressive sound quality

If you want to enjoy your favorite songs, sound clarity will play a big role. You are likely to have a pleasant listening experience with these earbuds as they deliver impressive sound quality. This is something that makes these earbuds even more appealing as it makes them fit for almost every situation.

3. Durable

These earbuds are designed to last, and they are constructed of premium quality material, which means they won’t get damaged easily. Their build quality is also up to the mark, and this gives the Gear IconX a sturdy finish. Moreover, they are sweat-resistant, which makes things even better as sweat won’t damage them either.

The same can be said for the charging case too as it is also constructed of high-quality material. It makes things flexible while traveling as you can keep the earbuds safe in it, and the case can easily fit in your pocket.

4. Stylish

For a lot of people out there, design plays a big role, and if you are also one of them, this unit is designed for you. Its stylish design is the first thing you will notice about it, and you will also get to choose from different color variants. You will get to choose from different color variants, which is a great thing; however, some of them don’t look as appealing as others. This is a matter of preference, so it won’t be a big issue.

5. Comfortable

Another great thing about these earbuds is that they are very comfortable to wear, and you can keep them on for hours without facing any issues. If your workout sessions are long, these earbuds will become your gym partner and keep you moving. They won’t fall off easily even if you are sweating, which is a great thing.

This model has adjustable wingtips and eartips, and this keeps the earbuds in place. They come in small, medium, and large size variants, and this is something that makes the unit even more comfortable.

6. No sync issues

Your entire experience can be ruined if there are sync issues between the buds, and this is something that nobody would want. This model does a fantastic job in this field and offers users a pleasant experience. You can use it while watching videos without worrying about issues like latency.

7. Fairly Priced

Budget is an important factor for a lot of people, so the price tag plays a big role for them. You shouldn’t go for a cheap quality product, but you should try to invest in a fairly priced unit. If we look at the features and quality of the Gear IconX, it is reasonably priced, and it allows the user to make full use of it. This means it can prove to be a smart investment, and if you take care of the maintenance part, it will serve you for years.

If you have read this Samsung Gear IconX review carefully until now, you may know that it is worth the investment. We discussed some reasons why you should invest in these earphones to make things easier for you. Now, let’s have a look at some features of this model that make it stand out in the crowd.


1. Impressive battery life

It can be frustrating to run out of fuel while enjoying your favorite playlist, right? You may get even more frustrated if the battery of the earbuds dies while taking an important call. Well, if you have the Gear IconX, you are unlikely to face such issues as it offers five hours of Bluetooth streaming, 4 hours of talk time, and 7 hours of MP3 listening.

If you need to recharge the earbuds on the go, just stick them in the carrying case, and you will be good to go. The integrated battery in the case will save the day for you, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite songs without facing any issues. You can get an hour of playtime by just plugging in for ten minutes, and this is what we liked the most about it.

2. 4GB built-in storage

You don’t have to rely on Bluetooth all the time to enjoy songs as the Gear IconX can store songs. You can store up to 1,000 songs, and listen to them anytime you want by simply using the controls on the buds. The built-in 4GB storage allows them to store songs, and this is a feature that makes them stand out in the crowd. When you have your smartphone in your pocket, you can listen to even more songs.

3. Tap or swipe to control

It can be frustrating to take your smartphone out of your pocket just to change the song or answer a call. Well, you won’t have to touch your device if you are using these earbuds. If you want to switch to the next song in your playlist, you will just need to swipe or tap the earbuds, and it will do the job.

You can do the same to answer calls as well, and this is something that makes things even more flexible. Moreover, you can turn on ‘Ambient Sound’ by doing the same. This is not all; you can also speak commands via Google Voice or Bixby.

4. Compatible with Android and iOS

If you invest in the Gear IconX, you will be able to make full use of it as it is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It works best with Samsung devices; however, you can easily use it with other Android devices too. You may not be able to enjoy a few features like ‘Auto Activity Tracker’ on iOS.

5. Auto Activity Tracker

The ‘Auto Activity Tracker’ feature will allow you to meet your fitness goals. These earbuds do a lot more than playing music, and this is one of the biggest reasons for their popularity. You can use the ‘Samsung Health’ app to track your physical activities. If you are a fitness freak, such a feature will prove beneficial as you can use it while running, jogging, or working out in the gym.

Well, these are some features of the Gear IconX that make it stand out in the crowd. If we look at these features, it is a complete package, which makes it even more appealing. We found some areas of improvement, and we are going to discuss it in the next section because we want this Samsung Gear IconX review to be completely unbiased.

Areas of Improvement

1. Noise cancelation

These earbuds don’t do the best job in the field of noise cancelation, so there is room for improvement in this field. They don’t do a bad job either, so you are unlikely to have a dissatisfactory experience.

2. iOS users can’t enjoy a few features

As mentioned earlier in this review, iOS users can’t enjoy a few features. iOS users will miss out on features like ‘Auto Activity Tracker’; however, they still have a lot to enjoy, and they can invest in this unit without having any second thoughts.

These are some areas of improvement, but the Samsung Gear IconX doesn’t underperform in any field. So, if you are looking for a good quality pair of earbuds, you can invest in this model without thinking twice.

Who can use them?

1. Fitness freaks

People who work out in the gym can buy these earbuds as they have a lot to offer to them. They are designed to stay in place, so they won’t fall off easily, which means you can wear them while running or jogging as well.

2. People who work from home

People who work from home may have to attend online meetings from time to time. They can wear these earbuds to attend online meetings. Since they are lightweight, you won’t feel uncomfortable even if you have to sit there for hours.

3. People who like listening to music

They are perfect for people who like listening to music for hours. As mentioned above, you can store up to 1,000 songs, and you can do a lot more when your smartphone is around.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Samsung Gear IconX worth the investment?

If you have read this review carefully, you will know that the unit is fairly priced, which makes it worth the investment. It stands out in the crowd if we look at its features, and it performs well in almost every field.

Does Samsung Gear IconX support wireless file transfer?

Yes, you can transfer files via Bluetooth; however, if you want the process to be quick, you should rely on a USB.

Is Gear IconX good for running?

Yes, this model is perfect for people who like to stay fit. They can wear it while running as the unit is comfortable to wear and fits perfectly in the ears. Moreover, it is sweat-resistant, so it won’t get damaged as well.


We hope you liked this Samsung Gear IconX review and found it helpful. We kept this review completely unbiased and discussed both the advantages and areas of improvement. It comes with several amazing features, and it can easily compete with other earbuds in the price range. It has a lot to offer in the field of utility as you can use it while working out, running, jogging, or attending calls.

You are unlikely to have any complaints about the design of the unit as it looks elegant, and you will also get to choose the color variant of your choice. If we compare the features and price tag of the Gear IconX, it can prove to be a smart investment.


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