Singing Lessons for Older Adults

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June 6, 2020
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June 9, 2020

You want to learn to sing, but you feel that you are too old to do it now. All the singing schools and teachers seem to be advertised towards preschoolers; how will I possibly learn to sing now?

The notion that you have to start learning to sing as a child to have any chance at improving your voice is a myth. The truth is that you can learn to sing at any age. In fact, there are singing lessons for older adults that you can benefit from in order to achieve great results.

Just keep a few things in mind as you try to learn singing as an older adult.

  • Keep a positive attitude. No matter how you sound right now, or what anybody says about your singing, you will see results if you stay positive.
  • Be consistent with your practice. Remember that making small progress daily is a lot more meaningful than trying to make drastic progress in a single day.
  • Find a teacher that can work with people your age. A teacher who specializes with children may not be able to help you, but someone who has actual experience with people your age will be a lot better and fun to practice with.
  • And lastly, take it easy on yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Singing Lessons for Older Adults

Following are a few ways you can practice your vocal muscles using simple techniques.

· Breathing Technique

This may seem simple, but it is a very important step in learning to sing. You have to forget the deep breathing lessons about your chest, and start doing it from your belly. So place a hand on your stomach and feel it expand as you inhale. This means that you are using your lungs to their whole capacity and are breathing from the diaphragm. Practicing this alone will have a huge impact on your singing.

· Use a Straw

This is a very simple vocal workout. Not only does it help improve your voice, but it also exercises your respiratory system. All you have to do is grab a straw and hum into it. That’s it. Practice this for a few minutes every day, and you will start to notice great improvement in your voice. It helps stretch and strengthen the muscles that are responsible for your voice.

· Practice Storytelling

Another weird technique that will have a direct effect on your voice is practicing storytelling. If you are too shy to sing in public, you can sign up for gigs that allow you to tell a story. Not only will this help improve your stage confidence, it will also help open up your vocal cords to larger people. If you don’t want to sign up to go on stage right away, you can start practicing by reading aloud the morning newspapers every day before taking to the stage.

· Vocal Exercises

There are a lot of ways you can exercise your vocal muscles. Humming, tongue trills, lip buzz, yawning, loosening the jaw, singing along to Do Re Mi – everything can help you open up the muscles of your vocal cords. In fact, Do Re Mi from Sound Of Music is actually a great song to practice as well. Just remember to dedicate a time of your day specifically to these exercises, instead of doing them whenever you feel like it.

Invest in a Professional Teacher

Now that you’ve learnt the basic voice techniques, it is time to invest in a proper teacher. They will help you improve your voice, as well as identify your mistakes and help you correct them.

But of course, everyone doesn’t have the time and means to hire a teacher or join a singing school. Good news is that you can learn to sing at home. In this case, you can start with an online course which will teach you singing lessons without you having to leave your home, and you can work at your own pace. 30 Day Singer is one such online course which is great to help you learn singing.

Learning to sing may seem like a difficult take, but it is actually very fun and easy if you get the hang of it. If you are passionate about music, then a little patience is worth the wait. So practice these lessons on a regular basis and you are sure to see amazing results within a short while. Just don’t give up!


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