10 Things to do while listening to music

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Music has been proven to have a wide variety of positive effects on your mental health. It can help regulate your emotions and bring you happiness and relaxation in your everyday life. When you listen to music you enjoy, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that makes you feel pleasure. Music helps improve your mood, reduce stress, and help with anxiety. It can also help you focus and overall enhance your cognition. Music is a tool that can be used in your everyday life to improve many of the activities you are already doing, such as cooking, exercising, and studying.

With all that being said, let us tell you about our ten favorite things to do while listening to music.

Walk Your Dog

Do you own a dog? Next time you take your dog for a walk, why not pop in your headphones? Services such as Spotify even have dog walking playlists!

Listening to music while you’re on your routine walks with your dog is an easy way to relax, and the music will keep you motivated to go on long walks. This is a great way to discover new artists as well. If you set a goal for yourself to listen to one new artist every time you take your dog on a walk, you will have an entirely new playlist by the end of the week! If you listen to fast-paced tracks with a high BPM or beats per minute, you will find you are giving you and your dog quite the workout!

You just want to make sure the volume is low enough to hear what is going on around you.


Many people find themselves stressed out while they are preparing to take that big test. Did you know listening to music is suggested by some professors?

Studies have shown listening to music produces positive effects on your body and brain. While listening to music, you end up activating your left and right brain at the same time. When both sides of your brain become activated, you end up maximizing your learning ability as well as improving your memory. Music will also help you focus more while you study as well!

Listening to music while you study is also an easy way to reduce stress. Studies have shown that listening to music can help reduce your blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, put on your favorite song, and help put your mind at ease while you study.


Have you ever exercised without music and noticed you have a lack of motivation? Well, that’s because music can improve the quality of your workout! Music has been shown to increase your drive and stamina by uplifting your mood. Working out to some of your favorite songs will have you exercise for a longer time.

Research has shown that music distracts our minds from the fatigue we would usually feel while exercising. Of course, this varies based on your fitness level, but music will offset the feelings of fatigue vs. having no music. Music also plays a crucial role in psyching you up to perform better while exercising. There have been proven connections between your auditory neurons and your motor neurons.

Your brain and body will react to whatever it is you hear, so if you’re playing your favorite song that gets you pumped, your body will perform better during your workout.


We know about the positive benefits music has on your mood, productivity, and focus, but can it help make cleaning not seem so mundane?

Absolutely! Music can help you zone out a little bit while you mop your floor, and put your mind at ease. It will also help make whatever task you’re doing seem a bit more enjoyable. For example, doing the dishes to no music is boring and seems to drag. However, if you put on your favorite songs, you will be a bit more motivated to get through that endless pile of plates.

Play Video Games

Listening to music while you play your favorite video game is a pretty common occurrence among gamers, especially when you’re playing something like an RPG. Listening to music can help you focus on what you’re doing in-game. For example, if you’re listening to your favorite songs while you’re playing a sports game, you may find you end up playing better due to the music pumping you up and keeping you focused.

Of course, not every game genre is ideal for listening to music. Some games require you to know what is going on around you such as a first-person shooter. However, many people listen to music while playing FPS games and find it actually enhances their performance, so it is really all user-dependent.


Gardening is hard work but can be relaxing in its own way. While you’re outside in the sun watering your plants or trimming some bushes, you can listen to some of your favorite songs. Between the added benefit of relaxation from gardening, you will also be receiving the stress relief from music! You will also find that you are spending more time on your garden instead of rushing to get the job done. This will improve the overall health of your garden, keep you outside for longer, and give you that sense of satisfaction when you see all the hard work you just did! It’s a win-win! 


Creating art takes a lot of focus and patience, your brain and your hands need to be steady and concentrated which makes music and art a great pairing!

There are certain studies that suggest music without lyrics may be best for any artistic endeavors as lyrics can be distracting to some people. Some people prefer listening to the same few songs on repeat rather than a wide variety of music, this will cause less distraction when a new song comes on.

Art can be a tedious process, so having music helps reduce any background noise you might have and breaks up the silence. Working in a room that is too silent can actually cause the brain to become over-attentive and may leave you more prone to errors or slow down your work speed due to you overthinking what you’re drawing/painting.

Art requires time and patience, and the more time you spend on a piece the better it generally turns out. Music helps you focus and concentrate on the work you are producing without leaving you open to outside distractions.

Take a relaxing bath

Nothing is more relaxing after a long day than taking a shower or bath and when you add music it takes up to an entirely new level. Music will help put your mind at ease and allow you to focus on relaxing and not thinking about all the worries of the day. The music can also put you in a much better mood, so you will leave the bath or shower feeling completely refreshed on top of being clean!

Go For A Drive

Nothing beats going for a nice drive while listening to your favorite song. It can be relaxing and just help you focus on nothing, but the road. Have you ever wondered why this was?
There have been studies that have shown that music positively impacts your mood and because of this, it actually promotes better driving. Drivers are far less likely to experience road rage when they are listening to music. It has also been shown that driving to music increases your performance in high demand situations such as lanes narrowing or the sudden need to break. The music helps keep you focused and keeps your mind from wandering.


Many people find their perfect evening activity to be cooking a new recipe with a glass of wine and listening to their favorite songs. It’s a very common way to unwind and allows you to focus on what you’re doing. People find it much easier to immerse themselves in the chopping, dicing, and sauteing and shut off the world for a bit.

You can find specifically designed cooking playlists on services such as Spotify or on websites like YouTube. Many people prefer instrumental music whereas others are more fans of traditional lyrical songs. Either way, music pairs with cooking like peanut butter and jelly.

Next time you’re in the kitchen, give it a try!

Closing Thoughts

Listening to your favorite music is entertaining, relaxing, and research suggests there are many health benefits as well. Music can give you great pleasure but also carry many psychological benefits. Music just makes everything that much better! Whether it be reaching new goals in the gym, cooking up a new recipe, taking your dog for a walk, or going for a drive. You will enhance any activity if you add in a little bit of music.

Starting adding your favorite songs to some of your least favorite tasks, and we guarantee you get more enjoyment out of them!

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