What Headset Does TFUE Use

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March 14, 2020
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What Headset Does TFUE Use?


Brief Bio of TFUE


Many people today have a common hobby of playing a popular video game known as “Fortnite”. This game is a very competitive survival-based game, and with enough skill, one can amass quite the large fanbase, thus leading to partnerships and fame. One example of this is TFUE, and he is arguably one of the world’s most skilled and famous Fortnite players.


Many know him as Turner Tenney, a Floridian with a big internet following, but this twenty-two year old knows his way around gaming. He earns his money streaming with Twitch and this man has a 7 figure bank account from his skill in the game, and it’s that same bank account that buys his success.


In order for him to be so successful, he has to practice, but part of being successful is the ability to hear every single audio cue as if it were all happening in real life. You may notice that all of the popular and successful streamers have these big, bulky headphones, and these are what lead to success.

Arctis 7 Headphones PRO’s


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TFUE’s fame can be attributed to the headphones he uses. Quality in headphones means everything in Fortnite and other games , from the footsteps of your enemies and allies, to the bullets being shot at you from an unknown location. Headphones in gaming can mean life or death, and because of that, TFUE invested in the Arctis 7 headphones. Acclaimed to be the best wireless gaming headsets from PC Gamer, these headphones offer next-generation surround sound. The high-quality is similar to that you will find in the headphones that PewDiePie uses


The audio output offers crystalline sound and provides the user with a substantial amount of bass, which is attributed in most gaming headsets. The headphones also contain S1 speaker drives which are designed to create low distortion audio and engineered to detect even the smallest change of detail. In terms of video games, this is very important.


Low distortion audio essentially means the headphones have a built in audio equalizer which allows for in game audio to be tuned to sounds as realistic as possible. The latency in audio is very minimal compared to other competing brands with its lossless 2.4 GHz connection. The headphones also include the best microphone in gaming: the Discord-approved Clearcast bidirectional microphone. The microphone is widely known for its background noise-filtering capabilities and voice clarity compared to a studio microphone.


The batteries supplied in the headphones last 24-hours and has a large connection radius, which allows for even the longest, hardcore gaming sessions. With this radius, you could be playing Fortnite in the movie theater, and sit in the back row. They feature a soft synthetic leather connection between the two ear cups made of a gentle, fabric suede material and are stocked in white and black to present customers with choices.


These luxurious headphones weigh a mere 9.9 ounces to offer for headphone usage continuously without any need for breaks due to worries of neck strain. It is also user friendly and guides customers with easy steps on how to connect the headphones to every gaming device. Overall, the Arctis 7 headphones are worth it with these attributes in mind.


Arctis 7 Headphones Considerations


There are many positive aspects to these headphones, but there are also a couple of things to keep in mind. For the all around sound experience these headphones provide, the maximum volume is not as prevalent as some might prefer, but in the end these headphones will render you with hyper-sensitive, detail-oriented headphones, and not damage your eardrums in the process. The headphones also come in a general size, and might be too small or big, depending on the customer. The headphones also signal battery using colors, instead of percentages. This can lead to confusion, and when the depicted pair of headphones shows as charged when in reality, they will not have as much battery as the consumer might have hoped for during that particular gaming session. As these are not made or designed by Apple, they will not feature an H1 or W1 chip, so no automatic popup pairing on Apple devices.


It is unclear whether or not these contain Androids NFC chip for easy pairing, although the best guess is that they do not at this moment. This does not change much, besides the loss of a few seconds to initially pair the headphones, but the popup pairing always adds a small touch of class.


But are they worth it?


Overall, these make for a great pair of headphones. There is nothing better on the market for this price. Not only do they have a great price point, but they have amazing quality.  Although there are a few slight drawbacks, such as inorganic sounds, or confusing advertisements, the Arctis 7 Headphones still provide an experience gamers of all levels will be sure to love.


We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
09/06/2023 10:32 am GMT


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