A Brief Summary Of Open-Back Headphones

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August 12, 2019
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In this era of technology personalisation, whatever is your area of interest, whether music, movies, gaming or just watching your favourite TV web series you need the best quality sound for a world-class experience. Your headphone is the most revolutionary product that makes it possible to enjoy all multi-media interfaces. However, it is a tough task to but a good headphone if you do not know about some basics of headphone like what is an open-back headphone?


Your headphone is great value addition in terms of personalisation in listening. Let us explore which headphone, whether open back or closed back is good for you. Technically speaking there are two types of headphones depending on whether it permits air to pass through air cups to the speaker or not. One is closed or open back headphone depending on permission for the air to flow.  Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, let us know about it so that you could explore these features while buying any headphone.


What is open back headphone?


As the name suggests an open back headphone permits air to flow from one end to the other end of the speaker element. It has been observed, if the air pressure builds in between air cups it affects the sound quality and sometimes results in echo sound inside headphones. If there is a proper flow of air, as in the case of open-back headphones, there will not be any air pressure built-up and you will get better quality music. Open-back headphones, although little costlier, helps you get the clear and natural sound quality.


Airflow wise your device is perfect as it helps you avoid air pressure within headphones, but if there are sound disturbances in your surroundings, it would catch the sound and spoil your mood. Another challenge of open-back headphone is the sound leak, allowing everyone else to know what you are listening. Not everyone likes it.


You love for clear and natural sound will come at some additional cost as by design open-back headphones are little fragile as compared to closed-back headphones. The smooth airflow carries with it the minute dust particles and moisture with it, which in result could impact the quality of the sound you get.   So your open-back headphones need special care for a special experience.


Advantages of open-back headphones:


  • Quality listening
  • Better airflow
  • Better suited for home listening
  • If you are in public space a little bit of external sound helps you remain alert
  • It gives you the feeling of live music as it comes with naturally filtered noises


It would not be prudent if you don’t know what other options are in terms of airflow and other qualities that open-back headphones have. To know what is open-back headphone, you have to know what close back headphone is.


What are closed-back headphones?


As the name suggests, closed-back headphones are totally compact allowing only sound to come from the only front towards your ear. This gives you the luxury of no external noise but with a compromise on natural sound quality. Since airflow is stopped at one end, it creates some kind of air pressure inside, sometimes resulting in headphone echoes.


You experience bass-notes will not be as natural as with the open back headphones. Regular users of closed-back headphones complain about uneasy warmness in ears and if it is humid outsides then some extra sweating as well.  But if you prefer total isolation, this device is perfect for you even if you are outside.


The idea of headphone is all about personalisation, meaning no outside interferences at all. If you are willing to sacrifice a little bit of social sense then this headphone is perfect for you. Additionally, if you are in a controlled atmosphere with temperature controls then this device is perfect for you for recording and other purposes. Since the closed-back headphones allow you to listen to your own voice it is perfect for studio set up.


Now, you know about both, open and closed-back headphones. Depending on your needs and choices, you can pick any and enjoy the blast in the most personalised manner.

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