What Is the Most Expensive Guitar in The World

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July 6, 2020
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What Is the Most Expensive Guitar in The World?

Holding the most expensive commodity in any line of products gives a certain kind of joy. But the price tag can become a trap for consumers looking for a certain sort of experience, whether it’s an old-school classic or a modern super high-end offering. It does not matter whether the commodity is usable or not, as long as we own it, and it’s the most expensive of them all, we ooze a certain kind of happiness.

So, for those looking for an answer to the question of what is the most expensive guitar in the world, the obvious answer is PRS Private Stock McCarty 594.

PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Koa Figured Mahogany Most Expensive Guitar

URL – https://amzn.to/2VoujXt

Guitar and other musical instruments have always had the ability to bring people together, whether it was during an all-star concert or a live performance at a local bar or a show at a local club. And owing to their significance a Guitar in every musicians’ life is known to hold a special place of honor and pride.

This is the case for the PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Koa Figured Mahogany which is among the most expensive electric guitar that you can get your hands on. PRS Private Stock McCarty 594 Koa Figured Mahogany, a limited-edition model, comes with a limited-edition custom headstock and an exclusive guitar fretboard in lay. At the very least, this guitar has an incredible level of exclusivity. Owning this private stock guitar will have you grinning ear to ear, even if it’s just for display on a shelf.

You might even consider purchasing a few additional models but for a grand, this thing is a true collector’s item.

Many expect that the world’s most expensive guitar is a Gibson or Fender, but to their amazement, it is none other than the amazing PRS Private Stock McCarty 594. This guitar is in the higher 5-figure price range! Rightfully so, there are many things to love, worth spending a fortune on:

1. World Class Beauty

Just like most luxury goods, this guitar has a stupefying sleek body. It has a gorgeous mahogany build, a natural satin nitro finish over a two-piece koa top and binding, and a stunning Peruvian mahogany neck with ebony Private Stock Eagle inlays and fretboard. This patterned vintage mahogany gives a classic natural look, while looking as contemporary as any guitar could be. Besides this, the brown beauty weighs an impressive 7.8 pounds and comes in a cool, durable brown leather hardshell case.

2. Sound Quality

Craftsmanship may have you drooling after seeing this guitar, but the sweet serenades it gives will have you swooning! It has such a high quality of sound, whether unplugged or plugged in. From the charming highs to the soaring midrange and percussive attacks, any guitarist will smile after their purchase. The wood and pickups produce a warm, rich sound that is extremely articulate. It also pairs excellently with PRS’s underwound 58/15LT humbuckers and together, they raise unprecedented overtones that are guaranteed to make anyone nostalgic for a warm afternoon out on the beach.

3. The Best One Yet…

Sure, the tone and good looks are impressive, but nothing holds water like this one aspect: The guitar holds its worth. When purchasing an asset as expensive as this, the guarantee of easily liquifying it once things get tough is welcomed. Life is uncertain and putting your money in something valuable needs to be backed by the possibility of selling it at the same, if not a higher price in case you need to. This makes the guitar perfect!

Choose this extra classy ebony guitar for a smile every single time your eyes lay sight on it! Ridiculous beauty, Articulation, Pride of ownership, you name it!


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