Why Do Drummers Wear Headphones

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August 10, 2019
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Reasons Why A Drummer Needs Good Headphones While Performing

If you have been to concerts then you must have seen the drummer wearing headphones. You will find this common to every drummer you see in a music concert. Have you ever wondered why do drummers wear headphones. Well, they don’t wear it just for nothing. Many of you may even assume that it’s all for fashion but you are wrong again.

There is not one by many reasons why drummers wear headphones. In this article, we are going to answer the question “why do drummers wear headphones.”

Why do drummers wear headphones?

Drummers are required to keep a track of everything. From pitch to rhythm to melody, they have to keep a note of every element in what we called as music. This is important for the creation of good sound. You may have several instruments to create a good sound but drummers do have a special spot and it is an important one.

Here are some of the main reasons why drummers need to wear headphones during a concert:

  1. To sync with the rest of the band

The position of the drummer is usually set far off from the main stage. To be more precise, he is seated away from the vocalist and the rest of the musicians in the band. Since he is away from the rest of the band members, it becomes difficult for him to stay in sync with them. In this case, a good pair of headphones would prove to be of great help.

The headphones are used to trick the drummer and as a result he produces music that is in sync with others.

  1. To cut down on noise

When you are performing at a concert you have to deal with a lot of sound. Sometimes it can get extremely louder. In such cases, the drummer may not be able to hear the music and thus, miss the beat.

By wearing a pair of good headphones, you can hear the music more than the sound made by the crowd.

  1. To cut down on isolation

Drummers are known to make use of headphones to cut down on separation so that they can create music for the audience as per the beats.

The fact that a drummer sits away from the main stage, he may face problems in tuning with the other members. In this case, having a good pair of headphones is totally worthwhile.

  1. To listen to onstage instructions clearly

Another big reason of wearing headphones is to be able to hear instructions clearly. It tends to get very loud when performing at a concert and therefore, you are not able to hear the instructions clearly. Hence, having a pair of good headphones could actually cut down on the excess noise so that you are able to hear everything clearly.

Well there you have your answer to the question “why do drummers wear headphones.” It not only helps them to hear clearly but also allows them to stay in sync.


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