Why Is One Headphone Louder Than The Other

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We all may be different but there is one thing that we all have faced and can’t deny it. What is it you may ask? It is headphone problems. Headphones have become such an important part of our being that losing or damaging them feels like losing a part of ourselves. Out of the many problems our headphones give us, one of the most common queries is “why is one headphone louder than the other?”

Read on to find out why and what you can do to fix it.

Until and unless it is a hardware malfunction your headset was manufactured with or some chord problems, it’s probably just because of some gunk or dirt stuck at the mouth of your headphone.

Clean your headphone

  • Take some gentle cleanser and some cotton or a soft cloth to clear the dirt and test if your problem is solved.
  • It is suggested to use some cleanser which evaporates quickly like isopropyl alcohol so that the cleanser doesn’t drip into the interiors of the headphone.
  • It should be made sure that nothing drips into the headphone. This would cause another wide range of problems because as you would know all audio devices are very sensitive to wetness of any kind.

Check with the Player

  • If the problem persists, see if there is a problem in your player. Balance all the elements in the player and voila! Your problem is solved. This may be the problem if you have just purchased a new headphone and haven’t yet tuned your player to the perfect adjustment where your headset would produce the best sound.

Consult the Doctor

  • Swap your earbuds to see if the problem is still the same. If not, you may be the problem and not your headphones. Make sure you visit the doctor and take your meds.

Other Factors

  • If you are connecting your headphones to a laptop or a personal computer, go and check the audio and volume settings and check to see if the balance is correct on both sides of the headphone. A minimal adjustment in the balance will pretty much solve your problem if this is your case.
  • To know why is one headphone louder than the other, try your headphones on a number of devices as it could be a hardware problem. If this is indeed the case and you just purchased the headphones, make sure start going through the return and guarantee policies and other documents provided at the time of purchase. Also remember to go through the user manual to determine whether you are using the headphone correctly.

Conclusively, we can say that the best way to ensure that our headphones last long is to care for it from the very beginning. By caring for it, it is meant to keep the headphone in a clean and dry location, away from sunlight, to avoid too much tugging or pulling at the wires and not being too harsh with them. Make sure you always untangle them before using it. If your headphone has a long wire, then tie the extra with a rubber band to avoid entangling. Audio devices are very sensitive and hence make sure that you do not drop them anywhere as that could cause extensive damage.

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